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Whether it is coming together to dream a different future and make plans to work towards it, or connecting kids with their  local waterways through embodied actions and creativity. I love collectively designing interrogations, interactions, investigations and imaginations with diverse communities. Get in touch and let's imagine what we could do.



I love collaborating! And have done so with institutions, organizations, artists, non-artists, all to create space for imagination and creating the world we know is possible.

  • Heat Response with Trust for Public Land

  • Works on Water with artists and producers, Emily Blumenfeld, Sarah Cameron Sunde, Nancy Nowacek, Clarinda Mac Low, Katie Pearl, sTo Len and Carolyn Hall.

  • play:groundNYC

  • Lose, Loss, Lost with Elastic City

  • Seeding Possibilities and HighWaterline 2.0 with Heidi Quante and communities across the globe, and Insert____Here 2011 with and Heidi

  • New collaborations possibilities - check out my project proposal page for inspiration.



I enjoy sharing my experience and the insights I have gained from my years of working across climate and creativity and within collaborative practices. From keynotes to the classroom I have experience as speaker, panelist, teacher, facilitator and moderator. I have given talks on my work, on creative communication, on community engagement and on imagination. (Note that I don't fly, but love long train journeys, so in person would have to be UK/EU, otherwise, I have been doing distance speaking for a number of years and would love to figure it out with you). 

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