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A 50,000 square foot junk playground on Governors Island, “The Yard,” by play:groundNYC brings back free and non-judgemental play to New York City. In 2015, Alex Khost & I begin the task of bringing back free and non-judgemental play to NYC, we were soon joined by a group of passionate children’s rights supporters– Yoni Kallai, Reilly Wilson, Robin Meyer, Anne Morosini and Philipp Klaus — to make free play happen. We started by hosting Pop Up Adventure Play Days to create opportunities for kids to take ownership, build, imagine and create. In 2016, we opened the Governors Island site. Now we are advocating for design for children throughout the urban environment, and helping other communities build junk playgrounds in their neighborhood. In addition we continue to offer summer camp, school field trips, pop up play:ground and professional development and playworker training.

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