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The High Line and the High Water Line

Today I spent a quiet Sunday chalking the line through the West Village. I picked up where we left off yesterday, at West 10th and Washington, and traveled North to West 14th Street.

I went across a lot of cobbled streets and for the Northern part of the line, followed along the path of the High Line.

It was the last day in Manhattan, the last trip over the Brooklyn Bridge with the tricycle loaded with the chalker and chalk. Today was quieter than it has been in a while, no media, no entourage. It was a good way to finish the day, it is more like the line drawing is on most days. Me, the chalker and sometimes a friend or a photographer.

I passed some beautiful old buildings (Charles Lane is really something) and a lot of pretty fancy new developments. I also went through the Meat Packing District, which despite its dressing up over the past few years, still has plenty of reminders of a pretty gruesome past (including smells and toxic looking puddles). I ended, ironically? at a gas station on West 14th Street.

I was stopped by someone who knew about the project and just happened to run into me today. He had told his daughter about the project, so it was nice for her to get to see the chalk lines being made. We talked a little about the project and she, her friend and I looked at the maps together to see where we were and where the line was. I also gave them Action Packets which they would be able to take home and go through.

I also wanted to say thanks to the strangers that I have met along the way - there was the biker who past me twice yesterday (Saturday) and gave me encouragement on getting the load up the bridge (it can be a slow ride sometimes!), the street vendor who couldn’t believe that I was going to ride across the bridge with the load but gave words of praise and encouragement, and the random guy (maybe a tourist) who applauded for me as I pedaled up the bridge. It’s a long long project that I am working on, so those anonymous bits of encouragement along the way really help. Of course special encouragement comes from both my friends who have come out and helped with the project (you guys help keep me going!) and all the people who have stopped to talk with me along the way.

Don’t worry there’s still a lot of project left to do! August 23rd I pick back up at Ocean Parkway, and that weekend will wind my way up to the Verazzano Bridge, I will also install the beacons in Drier Offerman Park on Sunday, August 25th. Just a reminder (since I haven’t mentioned it in a while) if you would like to support the project and help pay for materials, you can donate here.

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