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holding the ocean

a journey connecting Scotland and the changing ocean and Arctic


Ossian is our story sharing chatbot. Designed in partnership with inChat, Ossian will take you on an interactive journey with our stories.



Share your connection to the ocean or to the change you are making in Scotland


Think you might have a story to share but not sure how to tell it? Let's schedule an interview


Want to connect your community to the ocean and/or inspire change? Or think your community stories should be shared out to the world? Let's brainstorm a workshop or collaboration around Ossian.



Take a journey that connects you to the ocean, exploring both intuitive and hidden links with the waters that define so much of Scotland. You will be invited to reflect and interact with the platform by artist, Eve Mosher. Jump in and consider how you are Holding the Ocean.

Holding the Ocean connects Scotland to its oceans through interactive and personal experiences. You are invited to explore stories from marine researchers, witnessing the changing Arctic and Northern Atlantic, with the on-land activities of Scots engaged in adaptation and mitigation projects across many sectors. 

The stories include those of researchers in the Arctic and North Atlantic observing, recording and modeling climate change as well as stories from people in Scotland observing, responding to and making change.

Click here to experience the stories through Ossian, or you access see the full list of stories here.

You are invited to submit your own story, or schedule an interview.

Holding the Ocean is a project of Ocean ARTic, a programme developed in partnership of People Ocean Planet fromt the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland, Blue Action EU Project, and Creative Informatics . Ocean ARTic is predominantly funded by Creative Scotland. Steering group partners are Marine Scotland and EcoArtScotland.

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