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Welcome back to Brooklyn…

Amidst a small amount of fanfare (well, actually none at all), the High Water Line project returned to Brooklyn today. After some the busy days that were the Manhattan drawing days, I was looking forward to a return to the quiet of Brooklyn. I definitely got that today.

I returned to Ocean Parkway, picking up where I left off at the beginning of July. I drew the line through the mostly industrial parts of Gravesend, and ended at the edge of the compilation of city parks known as Calvert Vaux/Dreier Offerman Park (which is where I will be installing the beacons on Sunday).

I traveled through areas where a few homes were sprinkled in amongst the heavy industry of auto shops (think buses with engines idling), speeding cars coming on and off the Belt Parkway, a concrete plant, and a Home Depot which managed to completely segregate a small grouping of homes from being part of any larger neighborhood. The area has a few waterways and canals cutting through it, guaranteeing flooding along the heavy industrial zones. And it is home to the very huge Coney Island rail yards (also known as the “Coney Island Complex” - the largest in the world), where the B, D, F & Q all converge.

It was a short day, in expectation of the long day (over 2 miles) of chalking that I will do tomorrow along the promenade on the water side of the Shore Road Parkway. As I drew the line up to the baseball fields in the park I wondered if people might think I was an errant parks employee. Speaking of both the parks department and the promenade, I received another last minute okay on chalking in a city park - whew! - thanks to another great regional park manager. (Spoke to him at about 4pm this afternoon - about tomorrow’s drawing! This happened with both Manhattan parks too!)

I am still looking for people to join me this weekend, so be sure to drop me a line if you are interested in coming out!

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