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Site of Activity, Site of Action

in collaboration with Clarinda Mac Low

As part of the Ecological Consciousness – Artist as Instigator exhibtion at Wave Hill, Clarinda Mac Low and I undertook mapping the NYC Waterways and using that installation as a way to connect some of the other works in the gallery to the space which we all inhabit, share and impact. This grew from our work painting "Flow" at the Works on Water 2017 Triennial.


WH_EC_John Maggiotto_1.jpg

We drew dashed lines from the work to the map – it helped to illuminate the cluster areas of interest and made real the fact that the connected waterways connected the works and all inhabitants of NYC.

This work was also a sister to the exhibition that we mounted on Governors Island, Nolan Park 5B, as part of the Works on Water/Underwater New York Artist Residency. That exhibition maps works from around the world through shared themes and lenses (such as liminal, community, scarcity).

It was also just really fun to play with the space and let the painting seep into spaces like doorways, windows and floors. Special thanks to Carolyn Hall and Madelyn Ringold Brown for their help painting (and for Christopher Kennedy and Ellie Irons for special support).

Images courtesy of Wave Hill and John Maggiotto

WH_EC_John Maggiotto_3.jpg
NYC Waterways
NYC Waterways
NYC Waterways
NYC Waterways
NYC Waterways
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