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From September 9-21, 2014, residents from along 32 miles of waterfront in Bristol and Avon Mouth, UK drew their HighWaterLine. For more information on the drawing of the line, visit the webpage or join the Facebook page.

The community mapped the line, created a new community of residents along the flood zone, shared resources and challenges and found space to collaborate. 

Presented by: Invisible Dust
Produced by: Creative Catalysts
Coordinater: Isobel Tarr & Anna Haydock-Wilson
Participants: Bristol residents

Funded by Arts Council England and The Lush Foundation

The HighWaterLine | Bristol project also engaged local artists and creatives in communicating about climate impacts.

Pete Bedwell created a photo series called "We live in the line" (images 1-5)

Seila Fernández Arconada and Sage Brice created a workshop on flooding called "Fluid Tense" (images 6-9)

and local organizers led community walks & talks sharing the future and history of the region.

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