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HighWaterLine | Miami
HighWaterLine | Miami

HighWaterLine|Miami was a collaboration with Heidi Quante, who approached me in the summer of 2012 to use HighWaterLine as a community organizing tool in the most climate vulnerable city in North America. Using her 14 years of creative engagement, together with over 30 community members we marked the 3′ and 6′ lines in Miami Beach […]


As part of a recent application, I included a research project that I want to undertake which I am calling Collaboratory. Here’s a little more about it: Collaboratory will initiate discussions on public and private spaces and experiment with collective remediation. Collaboratory, will occur as a series of conversations (many of which will be public) […]

On the evolution of ideas

I am sitting in Corlear’s Hook Park at Cherry Street and FDR Drive, waiting for the sun to go set. I did my first installation of the illuminated beacons for High Water Line, and am waiting to get some pictures of them after dusk. It seems as good a time as any to delve into […]

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