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HighWaterLine | Philadelphia
HighWaterLine | Philadelphia

In April of 2014, the current flood zone and future coast was marked by members of the River Wards along the Delaware River in Philadelphia. HighWaterLine | Philadelphia was presented by Chemical Heritage Foundation as part of the Sensing Change exhibition. The project was done as part of the Philadelphia Science Festival and created in […]

Writing a perfect artist’s statement
Writing a perfect artist's statement

Okay, so I doubt that it will be perfect, but every step is a step closer right? I am working on yet another grant application and am using excerpts from recent applications to try to rewrite a CLEAR and CONCISE statement. The statement will be followed by more specific descriptions in regards to the images […]


(Intra)structure is a a collaboration with Renata Mann, artist and jewelry maker. Her fiber-based work is on a personal scale. My vegetative-based work is on an urban scale. We were interested in bridging those two points. We created (Intra)structure, a vascular and modular growing system for epiphytic and climbing plants. The pieces are connected by […]

Festival of Ideas for a New City: StreetFest
Festival of Ideas for a New City: StreetFest

Seeding the City will be participating in the StreetFest. I will have the materials for you to build your own modules. You’ll be able to take home a module and a flag to install on your rooftop and join the growing network!   For more information about the Festival: Mission The Festival of Ideas for […]

The View from Within

Taking a moment to post on my now under-utilized and neglected blog. Gone are the days of maintaining 2, 3, or even 4 blogs, these days it difficult enough to write a 140 character tweet or facebook update. And wow, how the landscape has changed over the years. Not just for me personally or professionally, […]

Why my latest project is a FAILURE and why that is AWESOME!
Why my latest project is a FAILURE and why that is AWESOME!

Okay, so you probably know that I have been working on the Seeding the City project for over two years now. And this past September the project launched! YAY! It was a long time in the planning stages. So the point of the project was to find a handful of people who were interested in […]

Paths of Desire
Paths of Desire

In Lower Manhattan there exists a unique intersection of urban infrastructure and paths of desire. Much of our existing infrastructure was determined by paths of desire or by the geography of the island before development. -Broadway was originally a major native American trail which connected settlements with the water, -Maiden Lane a water inlet where […]


Inter-related from eve mosher on Vimeo. Birds, bees and butterflies rely on the diversity of native plants in New York City. Those plants are also reliant on the birds, bees & butterflies to ensure their pollination and propagation. This installation is made up of representations of native birds, bees & butterflies. Each of the small […]

Interventionist Public Art — A Curriculum

The other morning I tweeted about having some ideas on designing curriculum around social interventionist art. A few things got me thinking about this, 1) conversations i have had with similar artists about the somewhat unique set of skills needed to create s.i.a, 2) a friend who just got a job designing new curriculum on […]

But is it art?

I am currently working on a proposal for a project which invites communities to build floating islands and moor them off coastal city parks. The project was inspired in part by Smithson’s Floating Island and in part by the need/desire to create a water remediation project for the city – we are after all 3 […]

re-thinking your landscape

I had a really interesting conversation with a professor from Pratt‘s Visual Criticism studies program. We were discussing my participation in this semester’s colloquium, which would focus on Landscape*. He felt I would be a good participant because my work so often was focused on making the invisible visible in landscapes (I am paraphrasing greatly). […]

Things I love, Things I think about

I basically spent today talking. Which makes me wonder why I would want to continue to do so, although this is in the written form. I wanted to continue because I am pretty excited about what I was doing today and wanted to note some things down before I forget about them… First, I spent […]

Yup I did it again – DIY Public Art

A couple of friends of mine were encouraging me to write down all the stuff I learned while doing my public art project (heck they taught me half of it) and to get it out there. Sure, I could have written the posts on this blog and categorized them, but, well, I thought it needed […]

Another artist statement
Another artist statement

Seriously, I think this is statement like, 200. I could give you a more accurate count it I could connect to my documents, which I can’t right now (its a medium length not very interesting story). Anyway, I wanted to write more about the economy of the arts and the Damien Hirst sale & WAGE, […]

artists as agent of social change – or agent of government?
artists as agent of social change - or agent of government?

I was looking this morning for more information on the book, Conversation Pieces, by Grant Kester, when I came across this summary of books on public art. The books that Alison Green reviews are Mapping the Terrain: New Genres in Public Art by Suzanne Lacy (which I just ordered on a recomendation from Amber Hasselbring), […]

48 hours of Sao Paolo – or Time’s Square, what are we not seeing?
48 hours of Sao Paolo - or Time's Square, what are we not seeing?

You all know that at the beginning of last year Sao Paolo banned all outdoor advertising right? That meant no billboards, no street level ads, no video screens, no window signs, no awnings. None. Ever since I heard the “On the Media” report on the ban, I was most struck by this statement: “And now […]

Retreat or assault? Either way it was real good.
Retreat or assault? Either way it was real good.

Just got back from the inspirational assault known as Creative Capital retreat. A complete feast of art and ideas. The retreat combines professional development, idea exchange, professional consultations, skill building, networking, dinner parties and very little sleep. All of which adds up to some kind of incredible mind blow. My survival tactic was to wake […]

Am I crazy?

It’s a simple question right? And the kind that if you have to ask, then you probably are. Here’s why I may be crazy this week. I just took on another project. This one an installation in a bookstore on climate migration. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited to have been invited to […]

I See You in Me/The Path of Water in NYC
I See You in Me/The Path of Water in NYC

This project was a temporary installation which traced the path of the Croton Aqueduct. The introduction of the seminal waterworks changed the future of New York City and allowed its growth and expansion. Providing clean water to a city plagued with disease and dirty water proved a daunting task which took many years and many […]

Stopping to smell the seedum

I have about 6 minutes to write this post – something tells me I will go over that time limit. Despite the fact that I am trying to create work that gets people to stop – however briefly – and consider their relationship to their environment, I – lately – have not been able to […]


Commissioned project promoting use of reusable bags. For every 500 reusable bags used in the Chelsea Whole Foods, one native plant (columbine, poppies, seedum & ferns) is planted in the “-1” window installation. The “-1” installation was created from almost 400 recycled plastic bags sewn into little plant bags. Special thanks to Michele at Gowanus Nursery […]

Speaking of funding…

I was invited recently to participate on a panel regarding fundraising in the arts. I was told by the organizer that I was being invited for my experience in fundraising for the HighWaterLine project. I told them, you know I only raised about 30% of the cost of the project and funded the rest of […]

Thinking outside the box

crossposted from I like to approach projects from an “outside the box” (boy, thats an overused term) point of view. When I mentioned the “Seeding the City” to a friend who works with green roofs, he questioned the value of planting such a small plot of greenery – how is that going to have […]

Artists Pivotal in Art World

I was scheduled to participate in the show “EcoAeshtetics” at <>Tag in The Hague. As I mentioned, they invited me to do a project which would activate people in the streets and were interested in flying me out to create a citywalk next weekend. I wasn’t interested in the ecological footprint of the flight, so […]

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