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Insert ____ Here with 2011
Insert ____ Here with 2011

Insert ____ Here 2011 was a re-imagining of the project I created in 2008. This time I collaborated with to make it huge! And global. We wanted to put the power of creative thinking in the hands of community organizations and give people a chance to think positively in the face of climate change. […]

Connecting with artists around the world
Connecting with artists around the world

If there was a way to connect with other artists working on environmental issues in a non-traditional way, would that be useful to you? I had a great meeting with Theresa von Wuthenau, founder of Imagine2020, an arts organization which is an umbrella for 11 presenters around Europe who are presenting work on climate change […]

Why my latest project is a FAILURE and why that is AWESOME!

Okay, so you probably know that I have been working on the Seeding the City project for over two years now. And this past September the project launched! YAY! It was a long time in the planning stages. So the point of the project was to find a handful of people who were interested in […]

Iraq War Ends? Patriot Act Repealed? Bush Indicted for High Treason?!?

It may be a hoax, but the New York Times paper and website being distributed and posted today has some shockingly simple and beautiful ideas. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the paper has this to say, on George Bush’s indictment for treason: “The death and economic collapse that resulted has been completely devastating to […]

Daily blip : Environmental Euphemism

There are a lot of words that we use to talk about some bad environmental & ecological situations that seem to sugar coat the issues. I am compiling a list. Here’s the first: Climate Change – That’s kind of like calling Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, “alterations in the weather pattern.” What we are facing, is […]

Thinking outside the box

crossposted from I like to approach projects from an “outside the box” (boy, thats an overused term) point of view. When I mentioned the “Seeding the City” to a friend who works with green roofs, he questioned the value of planting such a small plot of greenery – how is that going to have […]

Flights of Fancy

Another blog I read just turned me on to RAF-Reduce Art Flights, a project launched at the Venice Biennial. The project aimed to highlight and promote the reduction of travel in the art world. With all the art fairs there’s been an increase in not just in travel, but an exponential increase in shipping of […]

With a little help from my friends

(cross-posted from my new project site, Help me chose a summary statement So I have written a couple of different summary statements. Which do you like better? “Seeding the City” is a public art project that seeks to plant “seeds” of thought in the urban environment on challenges of climate change and potential for […]

Who let them in?

One thing I have to remind myself is that “public art” has inherently, the word “public” in it. This has been really driven home during the installation of the beacons during the HighWaterLine project. I have placed the beacons in 5 city parks (sorry that I never got to redo Canarsie) spanning the coast of […]

Being in love with the crazy

Last week was kind of a nutty week. I was part of a group show opening at Nelson Hancock Gallery in Dumbo, Topos : Brooklyn, showing images of the HighWaterLine project. All very great there were some really interesting projects/images there, including works by Tim Connor, Rebekah Farley, Michael Iacovoni, Michael Itkoff, Michael Piazza, Michael […]

Turning waves into power

Some smart person was sitting looking at the water, watching the undulations and reflections and was smart enough to realize that if they harnessed that energy… I’m not that smart person, but I am glad they are out there. Instead, I tend to lend my brain to creative pursuits. Albeit hopefully creative pursuits that have […]

By the numbers…

I have been thinking about noting the numbers involved in the High Water Line project, and after shifting 3,000 pounds of chalk – yep, you heard that right, 3,000 – now is as good a time as any! I have had sort of a critical mass of community board meetings and parks meetings happening as […]

You are cordially invited…

My hope at the beginning of the HighWaterLine project was to take you, my blog reader friends, along for the ride (at least partially). It has turned out that a lot of the work is about emailing, meetings and writing and re-writing proposals and promotions. It turns out that all that stuff isn’t so interesting […]

It’s a big small world

It has been interesting to work on a project within the specific realm of arts and environmental issues. Is it a subculture or a genre? There are both a lot of people working on these issues and at the same time relatively few. As I talk to more people about High Water Line, I find […]

Oh and–

If you want to contribute to the High Water Line project (money that is!) you can do so here!

From where I am sitting

A lot going on out in the world including: Ouch! and some good self promotion – this op/ed comes on the heels of me reading more about Brooks’ report on “Who Really Cares.” And addresses something I have been thinking about ever since seeing the photos of the retreating glaciers. It’s something I have been […]

Making the change — we only *think* it’s hard

Ever since writing this post, I’ve been thinking about my own efforts to reduce my impact on the world. As g-pup says, “don’t we already have a lower impact than most people?” The answer is yes, we certainly do (we buy locally and seasonally, shop at goodwill for things we need – if we shop […]

the name game

With some feedback from a couple of resources, I am changing the name of the project from “sea Change” to “High Water Line.” I am working to update the website: now at Here’s the reason for the name change. Originally conceived as a smaller project, with more of an artistic bent – the cleverness […]

IPCC for you and me….

Favorite IPCC headline (courtesy of Grist) “IPCC, Yeah, you know me” Favorite footnote in IPCC “Summary for Policy Makers“: In this Summary for Policymakers, the following terms have been used to indicate the assessed likelihood, using expert judgement, of an outcome or a result: Virtually certain > 99% probability of occurrence, Extremely likely > 95%, […]

seriously? no? seriously?

I know I promised some tips for writing grants to come soon, but things keep happening with the Sea Change project, including a potential name change. I will let you know the details when it gets more fully worked out. This week g-pup and I were supposed to be flying over to Edinburgh to see […]

hope springs eternal

Yes, even I will admit that the 70+ weather on Saturday was, in its own absurd way, beautiful. But I couldn’t help that it just kept making me mad.It makes me mad that we are seeing, feeling, acknowledging (by we I mean a bigger we than just you an I) climate change, and yet, we […]

Patience is a virtue (and a power)

Wow what a beautiful holiday gift to me! I decided to check the mail on Saturday at our apartment. (We don’t get most of our mail here because of the well known Brooklyn mail problems). We got a request for year end donations from the American Museum of Natural History (which, by the way, is […]

In the years to come

There’s a lot of buzz about mayor bloomie’s 2030 speech, so much so that I will just reblog all that here (they’ve also got a flashy website): Worldchanging Streetsblog (news roundup) Streetsblog Gothamist (maps) And in the realm of responding in a positive manner, here’s my nyfa fiscal sponsorship proposal: I am seeking fiscal sponsorship […]

see the difference

I have been dancing around this thought with Sea Change, finally someone who is good at PR found a way to say what I have been thinking. In an interview with Amanda Griscom Little on, Richard Branson has this to say: ” What sets climate change apart from these other crises is that most […]

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