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Writing a perfect artist’s statement
Writing a perfect artist's statement

Okay, so I doubt that it will be perfect, but every step is a step closer right? I am working on yet another grant application and am using excerpts from recent applications to try to rewrite a CLEAR and CONCISE statement. The statement will be followed by more specific descriptions in regards to the images […]

Another artist statement

Seriously, I think this is statement like, 200. I could give you a more accurate count it I could connect to my documents, which I can’t right now (its a medium length not very interesting story). Anyway, I wanted to write more about the economy of the arts and the Damien Hirst sale & WAGE, […]

Basics for writing a good grant proposal

A couple of friends of mine recently made it into the second round of the Creative Capital grants application process. Believe me, just based on the numbers thats a really big deal. They are now in the process of writing a full application (not that the first round isn’t difficult enough, and actually my guess […]

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