How Do We Connect

New York City is an interesting place. Eight million people in a relatively small radius of space all crossing paths on sidewalks, roads, trains… Most of us live in buildings with at least 2 other families/residents and some live in buildings with hundreds or even thousands? of other residents. Sometimes we are friends with people […]

Change in Attitude

I am a generous person. I really dont believe in scarcity and i genuinely celebrate the triumphs of other artists. So when during Cop15 a friend sent me a link to a project a lot like HighWaterLine, I responded back “oh wow, that’s so cool! I’m really glad there are other projects like HWL out […]

Four feet for food and NY-Utopia

Another couple of project ideas 🙂 FOUR FEET FOR FOOD It stems from a project idea that i had a while ago that was a more generalized sustainability project, i am thinking now to refine/define the space for some aspect of food production. Participants will donate 4 square feet of apartment floor or inside or […]

The View from Within

Taking a moment to post on my now under-utilized and neglected blog. Gone are the days of maintaining 2, 3, or even 4 blogs, these days it difficult enough to write a 140 character tweet or facebook update. And wow, how the landscape has changed over the years. Not just for me personally or professionally, […]

Trying not to get too personal

As many of you may know (or have inferred) from this blog, that while I am more than happy to openly share insight, thoughts, processes, secrets and trivia about my creative practice, I rarely share information about my personal life. In order to offer a bit of an explanation for my long absence though, I […]

Why my latest project is a FAILURE and why that is AWESOME!

Okay, so you probably know that I have been working on the Seeding the City project for over two years now. And this past September the project launched! YAY! It was a long time in the planning stages. So the point of the project was to find a handful of people who were interested in […]

Floating Island for a New Millenium
Floating Island for a New Millenium

  In 2005, Robert Smithson’s Floating Island made its long planned (it was originally conceived in 1970) journey around Manhattan. A purely artistic act, which was in keeping with Smithson’s oeuvre, Floating Island, was likened to a displaced piece of Central Park – a manufactured landscape removed from public access and in a non-native environment. […]

Paths of Desire
Paths of Desire

In Lower Manhattan there exists a unique intersection of urban infrastructure and paths of desire. Much of our existing infrastructure was determined by paths of desire or by the geography of the island before development. -Broadway was originally a major native American trail which connected settlements with the water, -Maiden Lane a water inlet where […]

Things on my mind

And no, Georgia isn’t currently one of them. Although Savannah is really pretty and the food is good. I’ve been busy trying to get a bunch of the pieces of the Summer & Fall’s projects in place, including: Collecting water bottles & other materials for Paths of Desire. If you have access to water bottles […]


Inter-related from eve mosher on Vimeo. Birds, bees and butterflies rely on the diversity of native plants in New York City. Those plants are also reliant on the birds, bees & butterflies to ensure their pollination and propagation. This installation is made up of representations of native birds, bees & butterflies. Each of the small […]


As part of a recent application, I included a research project that I want to undertake which I am calling Collaboratory. Here’s a little more about it: Collaboratory will initiate discussions on public and private spaces and experiment with collective remediation. Collaboratory, will occur as a series of conversations (many of which will be public) […]

Invisible lines – invisible lives

I was recently invited to speak about my work as part of a Pratt colloquium whose theme is the urban landscape. I asked the organizer if perhaps I could design an interactive project for the students to participate in and then spend the time discussing that project instead of me coming in to lecture (yes […]

Interventionist Public Art — A Curriculum

The other morning I tweeted about having some ideas on designing curriculum around social interventionist art. A few things got me thinking about this, 1) conversations i have had with similar artists about the somewhat unique set of skills needed to create s.i.a, 2) a friend who just got a job designing new curriculum on […]

How I am like the MoMA, or the launch of the Fine Art Foster Program

Okay, so I’m not really much like the MoMA, or even like a NaNO–MoMA (but I do like InterCaPs). When I was in grad school, I read somewhere about the enormous number of artworks that the MoMA owns that literally never get put on display. (Insert here myths about a vast underground labyrinth of treasures). […]

Power to the people – calling for an artists’ union

So you’ve heard me call for it before (and mentioned here and here) – a union of artists. To ensure fair pay and fair practices. So that we quit underselling ourselves. So that institutions realize the full value of the work that an artist puts into creating the finished piece (whatever form that might take). […]

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