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Floating Island for a New Millenium
Floating Island for a New Millenium

    In 2005, Robert Smithson’s Floating Island made its long planned (it was originally conceived in 1970) journey around Manhattan. A purely artistic act, which was in keeping with Smithson’s oeuvre, Floating Island, was likened to a displaced piece of Central Park – a manufactured landscape removed from public access and in a non-native […]

Paths of Desire
Paths of Desire

In Lower Manhattan there exists a unique intersection of urban infrastructure and paths of desire. Much of our existing infrastructure was determined by paths of desire or by the geography of the island before development. -Broadway was originally a major native American trail which connected settlements with the water, -Maiden Lane a water inlet where […]


Inter-related from eve mosher on Vimeo. Birds, bees and butterflies rely on the diversity of native plants in New York City. Those plants are also reliant on the birds, bees & butterflies to ensure their pollination and propagation. This installation is made up of representations of native birds, bees & butterflies. Each of the small […]

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