48 hours of Sao Paolo – or Time’s Square, what are we not seeing?

You all know that at the beginning of last year Sao Paolo banned all outdoor advertising right? That meant no billboards, no street level ads, no video screens, no window signs, no awnings. None. Ever since I heard the “On the Media” report on the ban, I was most struck … Continue reading

Tipping Point

Tipping Point, Africa Map

This installation is a visualization of climate change induced migration. Each thread represents one million refugees. Africa: South – 13,000,000 West – 36,000,000 East – 33,00,000 North – 13,000,000 These numbers are for weather related displacement only. Greater migrations will be forced in the area due to water and food … Continue reading

I See You in Me/The Path of Water in NYC

I See You in Me/The Path of Water in NYC

This project was a temporary installation which traced the path of the Croton Aqueduct. The introduction of the seminal waterworks changed the future of New York City and allowed its growth and expansion. Providing clean water to a city plagued with disease and dirty water proved a daunting task which … Continue reading


-1/+1 plant view

Commissioned project promoting use of reusable bags. For every 500 reusable bags used in the Chelsea Whole Foods, one native plant (columbine, poppies, seedum & ferns) is planted in the “-1″ window installation. The “-1″ installation was created from almost 400 recycled plastic bags sewn into little plant bags. Special … Continue reading

Insert _____ Here 2008

Insert "Bioswale" Here

A global project which invites community members to post signs recommending things like “insert a green roof here” “insert solar panels here” “inserta park here” “insert porous pavement here” – this project is capitalizing on community awareness of place/environment and optimism in the face of climate challenges. After the participant has added the … Continue reading