HighWaterLine from eve mosher on Vimeo. Public art marking New York city’s high waterline predicted from global warming. Blue chalk line and illuminated water-filled markers traced the 10’ above sea level line. Included website, outreach campaign and workshops. HighWaterLine website.

My water tower dream

Where I work I have a great view (if I turn around and strain a bit) of a lot of NoHo, East Village rooftops. From here I can see the buildings dotted with water towers. I love water towers. One day when I was looking at the roofs while contemplating the Green Seeds project, I […]

When prompted– RUN!

I had dinner last night with two really good friends. The idea was to get together and talk about project ideas, job searches, whatever each person needed help with. Of course for me, the talk was about figuring out which of the three (top of the heap) ideas to pursue. One of my friends said, […]

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