Non Outcome Oriented (NOO) Art, A Working Group with School of Apocalypse

I co-led a working group researching the upwelling of artists who work collaboratively, site-specifically and with no specified outcomes to their work. This group consisted of myself, Clarinda Mac Low, Lise Brenner and Laura Nova (as well as Kimberly Reinhardt, Joaquin Croxatto and Tal Beery).

Mind Map by Kimberly Reinhardt (based on the collaborative group work)

The group went through a process of identifying the kind of work we though we might all understand as NOO Art, as well as other practices that were both similar (but not) or self-identified as other. We recognize that this work seems to grow from the urgency of our time to create responses to complicated problems. We plan to continue working towards developing more research and perhaps pedagogy around this work.

See more on the School of Apocalypse website.

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