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Over the course of the project Liquid City, I am producing small experiments and experiences. Invited by curators Tal Beery and Steven Lam to look at Yonkers as a site of change centered on the waterways, I was immediately taken by the state of the Saw Mill River both as a physical object and a poetic expression in the evolution of it’s surroundings.

The Saw Mill River, historically, provided a means for commerce, only to become a nuisance, buried beneath urban needs. In a new age of celebrating our waterways, it has been day-lighted. This new urban amenity is both heavily contaminated and a host to many life forms. It is again playing a role in the changing face of the city as developments rise along its banks.

I invited participants to join in an exploration of change, of both time and physicality, as they created their own vessels, to carry an imagination of the future along the circuitous route of the Saw Mill River.

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