HighWaterLine | Miami
HighWaterLine|Miami passes in front of Bass Museum (which would be under water)

HighWaterLine|Miami passes in front of Bass Museum (which would be under water)

HighWaterLine|Miami was a collaboration with Heidi Quante, who approached me in the summer of 2012 to use HighWaterLine as a community organizing tool in the most climate vulnerable city in North America. Using her 14 years of creative engagement, together with over 30 community members we marked the 3′ and 6′ lines in Miami Beach and the 6′ line throughout the City of Miami.


All ages participate in the HighWaterLine|Miami project

Prior to the marking of the line, Heidi worked closely with a diverse group of communities who don’t self identify as either climate change or activist. The deep work started when Heidi moved to Miami in August of 2013 and convened a group for a Million Person Project storytelling workshop.


Families marking the HighWaterLine on Biscayne Boulevard

It took a year of outreach, funding and logistics to bring this project to fruition. In that process we were able to connect with other artists and designers who created projects based on the work that we did. Including a architecture competition to redesign a home in Little Havana to make it climate resilient and a series of sound portraits by artist, Patricia Hernandez.


Luiz & Xavier passing a construction site in Miami Beach

Additional outcomes continue to occur, participants in drawing the line speak of the reception they have received for taking on drawing the line in public, and actions that are occurring as a result of their actions. More information at HighWaterLine.org


Heidi and Adam talk to tourists from Canada about HighWaterLine in Miami Beach

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