A Year Without Art Update, or Rhythms of Life

Well, here I am, about half way through an entire year without art. I’ve done some doodling, I’ve springpad-ed some ideas and inspiration and read a lot of blogs. But I haven’t *made* anything. I’ve also done some interviews (here) and I’ve been doing some advising (I’m really excited about this), am included in some shows (here and here) and hopefully will be attending this in the fall. But make something? No.

As I write this I am listening to the thunderstorms roll around me while sitting at my mom’s “ranch” just west of Houston, Texas. And I have come to a big realization. I spend a whole lot of my time trying to get somewhere. Every day is about one destination or another. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the journey, I do – it’s even why I often chose slower more ‘scenic’ forms of transportation (walking or biking instead of transit,  trains instead of cars or airplanes). But I make plans about going somewhere. Not just being. Here at the ranch I have done a lot of being. I specifically came down here with no plans to go anywhere or achieve anything. Just spend time with my amazing mom (she deserves a blog post of her own). And what I have really enjoyed have been the rhythms of daily living. Waking up and making breakfast. Washing clothes and hanging them on the line. Doing manual labor around the ranch. Sitting and talking to my mom. Its the pattern of a life, made up minute by minute, day by day. And it has rhythm, and melody.

This is a microcosm of why I took my year off from art. Art making had become about destinations (deadlines) and the journey is fun, but there is less joy in the rhythm of making. So I am trying to sort that out. I am also thinking a lot about the rather dire situation we find ourselves in with regards to climate chaos and how my voice and practice can grow bigger to impact that at a greater level than it has thus far.

I miss making art, there’s no doubt about that. And the news of the Water Tank Project has me itching to do the green water towers I wanted to do so long ago. And these graffiti showed up on my corner and inspired thoughts of another graffiti project I would love to do. But for now, I will focus on the rhythm and trust that the rest will come…

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