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Okay, so I doubt that it will be perfect, but every step is a step closer right? I am working on yet another grant application and am using excerpts from recent applications to try to rewrite a CLEAR and CONCISE statement. The statement will be followed by more specific descriptions in regards to the images I submit to the review committee but let’s see if I can start it off with something enticing and interesting.

Here are the excerpts from recent applications (don’t judge me please :p):

I create interactive experiences that engage participants in exploring and evolving their urban landscape. I work on a city scale and devise simple methods for interacting with surroundings that build awareness of our environment, allow exploration of the landscape or encourage re-imagining. The simple experiences are the most powerful, surprise and exploration are important elements of the work.I am particularly interested in creating public artwork which invites participation, interaction and collaboration. The works explore our identity in context with the urban environment and issues specific to that situation. I create works with and within communities outside of the traditional art environment. I like to engage communities in designing, creating and or enacting the projects and I seek to have a lasting impact through experiential learning.

I have been working for the past 5+ years on public art projects that address the urban issues and state of existence for residents of New York City (my home). The works have the goal of reaching out to, and embracing, the broadest possible audience – connecting people from diverse backgrounds and across both visible and invisible boundaries. I also try to build solutions into the works themselves – sometimes that might mean education through play or experience, sometimes that means creating remediation within the project manifestation. The projects often invite participation of the audience in order to complete the project. Through the projects, participants have a voice in discussing common issues, they are given tools of empowerment and action and they are given resources to learn, grow and potentially change their predicament in relation to the issue.

Okay based on those I came up with this draft. Let me know what you think:

I create public art projects which invite participation, interaction and collaboration. With the works I seek to reach and and embrace a broad audience – connecting people from diverse backgrounds with each other and their urban environment. I engage communities in designing, creating and enacting works that involve surprise, exploration and simple yet powerful statements. I am interested in creating projects which embrace solutions and engage participants and viewers in education through play or experience. The projects provide tools for expanding understanding of local and global issues as well as engaging in creative problem solving.

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