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I recently redesigned my website. There’s a lot more information (text) and a mix of projects, proposals and blog posts. So why did I chose to do this? My work is cross-pollinatory (new word?) And so it is important to give somewhat equivalent weight to thoughts, proposals and realized projects. They all bear weight on my artistic inquiry and practice. All parts feed into the other parts and inform. I write about the broad topics that are of interest to me (urban issues, the life of being an artist, project ideas and process and I will start talking about a “life in balance”). I post project proposals and ideas because a lot of the work I do never gets realized for logistics (resources) reasons but hey are important as part of my process. Architects post unrealized projects, as an artist working on larger scale/longer term projects I feel like the proposals are an important part of my portfolio of work.
If you are an artist reading this, would you or do you post proposals? Why or why not?

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  1. Madeline Behrens-Brigham says:

    If I had a website/chuckle. Eve, you astound me with your perseverance and dedication.
    I think that it’s great to post proposals as one might resonate with someone reading and then support you to do that very proposal?? Hooray for you. I guess that in a way, my FB page is my website at this point. I love to read what you are doing and why.

    • admin says:

      Hi MBB! So glad to have FB to keep in touch with the wonderful people like you in my life! Yeh, one never knows on the proposals. Plus I like some of them so much that I couldn’t stand not giving them some kind of life!

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