That elusive work/life balance

I am an artist. I create public and social practice art.

I am a mother, I have an amazing toddler with whom I want to spend as much time as possible. I am a wife who treasures her relationship with her husband and strives to stay connected and present.

I am a teacher, I share my knowledge and experience with students at Parsons and professional artists around the country with Creative Capital.

I am an athlete with a commited practice of dance, aerobic, martial art and yogic practice.

I am all of this and more. I love my life.

And recently, finding time for everything has been hard, if not occassionally impossible. Things have fallen away:

I am lucky to get to the gym 3 times a week (one of those being Mommy & Me dance), when it used to be 5 times a week.

I have unfinished projects and little head space for developing new ones.

I am disorganized, forgetful and sleep deprived. I have running to do lists on my phone that get ignored. I ask for deadline extensions a lot lately. I often work late at night to get anything done at all.

And still, I love my life. I figure life is a little like a teeter totter. Rarely is it static in a balanced position. It is either heavily weighted in one direction or another. And it (if being engaged with in a playful way) goes from one point to another.

I try to keep focused, I have learned to say no (or, thank you for thinking of me, but I can’t take that on right now, let’s talk about a future opportunity). I keep restating my goals, prioritizing and checking my passions.

I know this will all change before long and I try to live in the moment.

And I love all the moments in my life.

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  1. Jane Marsching says:

    me too!!!

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