Four feet for food and NY-Utopia

Another couple of project ideas 🙂

It stems from a project idea that i had a while ago that was a more generalized sustainability project, i am thinking now to refine/define the space for some aspect of food production.

Participants will donate 4 square feet of apartment floor or inside or outside wall, yard or roof space, and their willingness to maintain whatever i chose to put in that space as well as allowing access to the space as needed. In return, they are part of a larger community creating an urban food system. As a participant you will reap the benefits of the entire community’s production.

Maybe i will use your space to do rainwater harvesting, maybe container gardening – rooftop, indoors or yard, maybe i will plant a wall of wooly pockets, maybe you will host some active enzymes working on composting. Who knows what else i might think of?

Sounds like another project for the tricycle. If only i knew where that ended up.

NY-Utopia (pronounced Newtopia)
For a long time i have been wanting to do an augmented reality project in which i rebuilt all of manhattan as a sustainable, pedestrian friendly and green city. Imagine streets filled with people, not cars; gardens draped over broadway; access to clean water and waterfronts. I would create pieces that could be re-used by other people wanting to AR re imagine their city. Problem is, i dont have a clue how to start!

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