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If there was a way to connect with other artists working on environmental issues in a non-traditional way, would that be useful to you?

I had a great meeting with Theresa von Wuthenau, founder of Imagine2020, an arts organization which is an umbrella for 11 presenters around Europe who are presenting work on climate change issues. It made me think about the value of shared resources, experience and networks and how that might increase visibility and ability for artists around the world.

So if there was a way to connect, what would it look like and what would the goals be? Is it a simple FaceBook group or a forum? Is it something deeper which allows knowledge and resource sharing through tagging and data mining. How deep is it? How shallow? How much time would one have to put into it to get something out of it? How much time do any of us have to give to it?

Could the group start to make things happen in the way of venues, funding and other oppurtunities? Is it curated, inclusionary? How does the group define or self define?

One of the other projects that Imagine2020 is working on is a summer school for artists and scientists to get together to collaborate. They are seeking to have the artists and scientists truly collaborating, not just the artist collecting information and creating a project independently. I would love to find some ways to recreate these opportunities

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  1. It would be great to share materials and supplier info, and to exchange practical info like production models or technical tips.
    I independently contact scientists and researchers but it would be great to have a lab for collaboration.
    FYI I went to a Art & Tech meetup last night and was speaking the people from Artist as Citizen and the City Atlas were talking about just this topic. Carina from CA was suggesting a weekend workshop – clearly a lot of us are thinking about the need to connect.

    • admin says:

      Hey Molly! I wonder what the best way to create this community is. And is there any foundation/organization that might be able to support it. Hmmm…. food for thought…
      I wish I could have gone to the talk – I forgot about artist as citizen (i came across their website i think early in their development). i also just saw the city atlas program (googled it after you mentioned it) and would love to share info with them. do you know if they have been following the and ummm the other project that is asking new yorkers what they want and then visualizing change…

  2. Eve – Do you know EcoArtSpace? You probably do. I think that Tricia and Amy would be game to support this. Do you also know about SPAN? Social practice arts network. Jules Rochelle has that going out of LA. It’s not enviro focused
    but might be a good connection.


    • admin says:

      Hey Matthew! I do know Tricia & Amy, I don’t know if they have the capacity for something like this. I will check out SPAN and see what they are up to – thanks for the suggestions!

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