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Working in the Co-Lab

Working in the Co-Lab

Collaboratory will initiate discussions on public and private spaces and experiment with collective remediation. Collaboratory, will occur as a series of conversations (many of which will be public) between designers, artists, architects, scientists, planners and the general public and me. Collaboratory is the investigative aspect of the Seeding the City project. Building upon the experimentation in bridging the private/public divide in collective remediation, these conversations will provide research and inspiration. By also creating publicly accessible records of these conversations, the information can spur other projects. I will investigate modular and shared green walls across buildings and spaces, shared rainwater collection, transient solar power, sharecropping and other potential reuse of our urban space as sustainable shared experiences, as embodied in public art/interactive projects. From these conversations I will begin to develop experimental project sketches and concepts for future projects. I am interested in using art as a dispersal method for investigations in the use of urban infrastructure as a remediation tool. The available resources to engage in environmental remediation are mostly costly, complicated or highly technical. My theory is that if the tools were made simple and accessible – hydroponics in a box (or Window Farms), Ikea solar panels – there would be widespread adoption. Our preconceptions about private space will be challenged through these experimentations as we learn how our spaces can generate positive impact.

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