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Two Turntables by ilovememphis via Flickr

So I have another idea for a project. It stemmed from loooking at a project by an artist whose work I really love and thinking about what I would like to do with it… I have a couple of artist projects I want to do that with and it might be fun/freeing to do a whole series. Its about taking a great creative idea that I maybe never would have thought of and you know, remixing it. Its hip hop art. I imagine there will be willing and unwilling participants. Let me know if you do want to participate…

Image courtesy of ilovememphis

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  1. Antonio Estevez May 26, 2011

    Hi Eve,

    I discovered your work after reading your interview with Jackie Battenfield and was compelled to look you up. First, I wanted to just tell you how innovative, inspirational, and relevant you and your work is. Although I am a painter who mostly works with abstraction and 2D media, I couldn’t help be drawn to what you’re doing. I’d love to hear about your thoughts on a remix of sorts and any other projects you are working on. I am also the editor of an arts blog and would love to post info about you and your work on there and help spread what I like to call “the art gospel.” Please continue to make art work!


    • admin May 31, 2011


      thank you so much for the kind words! and glad to have been found through my contribution to jackie’s wonderful book. i would love to talk more about a “re/mix” maybe we can move the abstraction & 2d out into the public in an interactive way! please do feel free to include my work or references to my work wherever you would like 🙂 feel free to email me directly to talk more in depth! best – eve

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