Am I crazy?

Insert Alternative Transport Here - 063

It’s a simple question right? And the kind that if you have to ask, then you probably are. Here’s why I may be crazy this week. I just took on another project. This one an installation in a bookstore on climate migration. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited to have been invited to participate in the show “Free Forms” curated by Markio Tanaka and including my good friends Yuko Oda and Megan Whiteford.

But didn’t I recently state ‘no more projects’ – I have plenty to work on for 2009.

Here’s my problem, I get really excited about a project and just have to do it. I have been wanting to do a climate migration project for a while, and hadn’t figured out what it was going to look like. Then the bookstore was proposed to me and it kind of made sense. So now I am working on learning all I can about the numbers and places in regards to climate migration.

I should make clear that I am in no way complaining – not at all! I am totally thrilled to have so many opportunities to share my work – that’s really the point of creating art for me. I just don’t know if I am the best person to judge my own time availability.

Insert Bioswale/Filtration Here - 062

Another crazy thing I am up to is the Insert ____ Here project. I originally designed this project for the <>Tag show in the Netherlands because I was invited to do a project that engaged the audience in the streets, but I didn’t want to fly over there for a weekend (by the way, you guys can still do it if you want?!). So I basically designed a project which removed the artist from the project. Participants are given signs to post in their neighborhood identifying good spots for positive change. They photograph it and upload it to the Insert ____ Here Flickr group. Then a team of designers would dive in and illustrate the remediation.

I just got some amazing images from designers for the upcoming CitySol installation. The images are (from top to bottom), Insert ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORT Here – 063 by Anne TochkaInsert BIOSWALE/FILTRATION Here – 062 by Pat Barrett and Insert COMMUNITY GARDEN Here – 061 by Jen May.

Stunning yes?

Insert Community Garden Here - 061

I was interested in motivating artists/illustrators/designers to participate because I thought it would be a) fun b) a chance for possible media attention c) doing something good. Turns out that I’m not such a good motivator and most people – rightfully so – want to be paid for their work. So I am planning a competition for the remediation portion of the project, with money awards.

I also would love to get this project happening in more places around the world – so if you want to host an Insert ____ Here project, let me know. So far it has happened in Brooklyn, Leiden (The Netherlands) and this weekend at CitySol in Manhattan. Upcoming is Brussels and San Francisco.

All that being said, come out and say hi, and participate in the project which will be at CitySol this Sunday, June 29 I will (I think) be leading a tour and handing out signs for participants to post, and in the afternoon participating in a panel called “Inter-activism”.

Yeh, I’m probably crazy, but I think we have discussed before that I love it.

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