HighWaterLine from eve mosher on Vimeo.

Public art marking New York city’s high waterline predicted from global warming. Blue chalk line and illuminated water-filled markers traced the 10’ above sea level line. Included website, outreach campaign and workshops.
HighWaterLine website.

HighWaterLine on East coast of Brooklyn

Illuminated beacons in Battery Park

HighWaterLine in West Village, Manhattan

Manhattan HighWaterLine

Chalk Line on Ocean Parkway

Eve and follower in Brooklyn

Brooklyn HighWaterLine

Chalk Line on Ocean Parkway

HighWaterLine near Brooklyn Bridge

Installing beacons in Red Hook ballfields

Discussing HighWaterLine in Battery Park

Bus runs over chalk line in Brooklyn

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  2. GB Hajim says:

    Prophetic. Another reason why we need to support the Arts!

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